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“Welcome to our subcontractors page, my name is Jack Landgren, or you can call me Legs. On this page, you will find all you need to became a Owner Driver for Peter Sadler Removals and Logistics. The HR team is here to help you through the process, and if you get stuck along the way don’t hesitate to call me on ……

We are looking for: 

– Removalists, van drivers and truck drivers. 

We offer flexible rostering, 4 days working week and a wide range  benefits. 

We are glad you are interested, follow the below guideline that will explain everything and what to do next. Don’t feel overwhelmed, there is a little bit of work to be done from your side but it is pretty straightforward and we are here to assist all the way. We can’t wait to have you onboard!!”

Jack Landgren – aka – Legs 0433 733 568

let’s start here:

  1. download our Subcontractors checklist !!! EASY PEASY
  1. a) Under Chain of Responsibility, if you own Heavy Vehicles, please complete the Subcontractor Questionnaire

2) fill the checklist in to the best of your knowledge. Remember that Legs is available to help you – call if you need. The documents necessary to successfully complete this step are listed below (there are pictures to show how the documents will look like) 

3) Send back to us via email 
  • the Questionnaire (only if you operate heavy vehicles)
  • the Documents requested in the checklist (see the pictures above for reference):
    • Certificate of Registration of Business Name and extract (must be registered as a company)
    • Public Liability Insurance  Certificate of
      Currency (Must be $10,000,000 per claim)
    • Work Cover Certificate of Currency
    • Carriers Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency ($150,000 per one loss)
    • Vehicle Registrations (VIC ROAD CERTIFICATE per vehicle 
    • Motor Vehicle Insurance (per vehicle) + List of vehicles

If you need a trusted company to provide you with a quote for your insurances, these are the guys that we normally use and trust. 

Their contact details, mention us when talking to them:


mobile: 0408575674  direct: 03 8420 8734

Level 35, 140 William Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000

PO Box 577, Collins Street West MELBOURNE VIC 8007

“Once all the above is sent to us, we will contact you and exchange the contracts, that part will need to be done in person. We are looking forward to see you here and finalize everything in front of a nice cup of coffee, or a fresh beverage 🙂 See below the testimonials of some of our long term Subbies and the role they played in our ever growing and evolving working family…”

Jack Landgren – aka Legs

Deng Deng
On Schweppes: nothing can face me. PST is a great workplace. It feels like a family. the days are full, I like keeping busy and fit. The team is also fun to be involved with. I have been with PST for 5 years
The Fine Bros, Dan and Pita
Removals at the very best: working with PST for a very long time. Business is doing great and everyday we have plenty on.
Jesse Hart
mainly on Harvey Norman: been around for 15 years, started like a jockey for PST and now owning my own truck. No regrets or whatsoever.
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We are currently hiring and have limited positions available.