Point to Point Consignments

Point to Point consignments are for transport jobs that don’t require us to visit our depot (example; delivering 1 pallet of stock from your brewery, direct to a customer)

  • Quick Add>New Consignment
  • Cosignment type: Point to Point
  • Service: Pallet Transfer
  • Pickup address: Venue we are collecting the stock from
  • Delivery address: Venue we are delivering the stock to
  • Special instructions: Any instructions specific to eith pickup or delivery.
  • + Add Consignment Items
  • Code: PLT / Pallet, DPLT / Double Wide Pallet
  • Qty: how many pallets
  • Pal: how many pallets
  • Space: How many single pallet spaces required on the truck
  • Weight: How much total weight for the pallets
  • Save
  • Details page> Click “Approve Now”.


IMPORTANT: Total weight for the consignment must be recorded against the consignment items for mass compliance purposes, we cannot load our trucks above their carrying capacity. Must also include “Spaces” required as this will be how many pallet spaces we make allowance for on the truck and also how you will be charged.


We are currently hiring and have limited positions available.