Pallet Pickups (Including brewery/stock collections)

Brief Overview;

You will need to add a pallet transfer;

  1. Add pickup consignment
  2. Set service to “Pallet Transfer”
  3. Add consignment items (MUST include “Spaces” & “Weight” at a minimum)
  4. Approve


In Detail:

Adding a new Consignment

Click on Transport->Consignments on the Top Navigation menu, then click the green button, ‘Add Consignment’.

You’ll now see the Add Consignment screen.

Consignment type: “Pickup”

Reference: This is your own reference field which is meaningful to you. It could be your Invoice Number to the Customer, or some other identifier so you can tell which consignment is which.

All Consignment References must be unique, duplicate reference numbers are not allowed. If you are sending the 2nd part of an order and wish to use the same reference number, we recommend adding something to the end, for example ‘-A’. So reference 0028376 would become 0028376-A.

Service: Pallet Transfer. Important – if this is not set to pallet transfer it will try to charge keg/case rate instead of pallet rates.

Pickup address: Where we are collecting the goods from

Delivery address: Where we are dropping the goods to

Special instructions: For our driver if required

Invoice Value: N/A, leave blank

Advanced Options: Can select the date required if needing a specific day for collection.

Consignment Items:

Add the type of products to be transported and QTYS;

CTN(Carton), PLT (Pallet), DPLT (Double Pallet)

KEG (Keg), KP (Keg Pallet), EK (Empty Keg)


Total weight for the consignment must be recorded against the consignment items for mass compliance purposes, we cannot load our trucks above their carrying capacity. Must also include “Spaces” required as this will be how many pallet spaces we make allowance for on the truck and also how you will be charged.


Once quantities added, go back to the “Details” Tab and click “approve now”


We are currently hiring and have limited positions available.