We’re as excited as you are to start sending and receiving stock into and out of our facility, in order to make this process as streamlined as possible here are the steps required to get you up and running;

Please send through the following information:

  • Product Master Template (Download Here) – populate required product details on spreadsheet, please fill out each column, description of data required in second row and examples provided.
  • A list of any additional stakeholders (name and email) we are required to interact with in servicing your account, please include your accounts department. 

Download these

Placing orders for deliveries, pick-ups and warehouse:  This is all done through Carton Cloud (app.cartoncloud.com.au)

  • We will send an invite to the system once your account has been created.
  • Instructions to use Carton Cloud can be found in our knowledge base here; Link to our instructions page

Carton Cloud terminology:

  • Purchase Orders: For stock coming into warehouse.
  • Sales Orders: For stock going out of the warehouse – including deliveries and rep pick-ups/external carriers.
  • Consignments: Transport jobs – can be created manually for stock collections or point to point transfers, but also created automatically by sales orders.


We are currently hiring and have limited positions available.