General Transport and Warehousing Services

In 2012, the team at Peter Sadler expanded into general transport and warehousing beyond that of beverages when we entered into a long-term contract with HNCV (Harvey Norman Commercial Victoria). Whilst appliances and plumbing inputs are vastly different from beverages, the scope of work was very similar and included multi-drop, a mandatory high level of customer service and deliveries that are difficult to execute.

Peter Sadler maintains HNCV as a long-term transport and warehousing client and has since expanded this network to include various non-beverages customers, which range from other appliance suppliers through to horse bedding, tile companies and food wholesalers. At Peter Sadler, we reject the “one size fits all approach” and take pride in the fact that we customise all of our clients’ solutions. It is not uncommon for David Sadler to receive a call stating, “I have been told you are the only people that can handle my product.”


Peter Sadler continues to use its extensive experience to expand into other sectors that require the services of a specialised warehousing and transport company. The features of this division include: