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At Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics you will learn grit, perseverance and establish a strong sense of purpose. The work we do is engaging both physically and mentally. We love people who love a challenge.

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Perks & Benefits

You're part of a family

We take care our workers in more ways than one. Each employee is known by name across the company. We understand the need for a community and you are never treated as a number. Once you begin you become part of our family network.

Social culture second to none

Work hard, play hard. A simple philosophy we stand by. It’s not everyday where you can have a drink with your boss. There isn’t a hierarchy here and we don’t tolerate BS. Driver, accountant, general manager, we’re all one.

Opportunity to grow

You wouldn’t be the first to climb the ranks, and not the last. We reward hard work. Whatever your career aspirations are there’s plenty of room to grow and expand. Whether you’re a university student looking for some coin, or a veteran forklift driver, the opportunities are endless.

You're gonna get fit

If you’re worried you’ll be sitting down all day, think again. This job is hands on and requires a lot of physical effort. Whether you like or not, the day you begin working here you’ll notice the difference physically. This job requires a lot of walking & lifting which will keep your body in good shape.

Work-life balance

There’s one thing we are known for, family comes first. Whether thats extra time with your spouse, kids, siblings, or folks we get it. Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics appreciates hard work – but we also care about your time spent away from work. 


Every person has different ambitions when getting a job. Some want to make a career, others need to provide. One thing that we guarantee is development in business skills. Your time here will be well invested for your future.


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