Commercial Furniture & Workstation Delivery

Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics serves to provide efficient commercial furniture delivery placements for large-scale businesses.

With over 100 companies that have said Peter Sadler have helped them get by, you know you’re in good hands.


Commercial Furniture Delivery

We service big and small businesses and help with all joinery needs. Our services extend to all different sectors however we aim to provide effective transport, for container de-stuff and onsite labour need for different  circumstances. 


We understand Joinery Transport. Joinery transportation is specialised knowledge. Choosing us means you’ll have years of extensive experience with workers who are multi-service operators and that have seen many different scenarios. ¬†

Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics deliveries make a difference.

Our people make the difference. We have procedures in place to ensure professional deliveries that are safe. We’re not anybodies revivalists, we are here for people looking for trust and integrity.

We may have grown, but don’t for a second think we have forgotten our roots. We started as a family business father and son doing removals. Since our inception we have grown into the logistics sector and handle all transport for a diverse range of businesses.

We are trusted by over 100 companies, and we service over 25 for Joinery Transport. We know different businesses, from schools, hospitals, shopping centres, you name it – we’ve handled it!

Customers first? Well if we don’t look after our people our customers will suffer. We know putting our people first benefits everyone.

When working with Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics you are also helping out our staff. We have some of the most diverse staff, without them we wouldn’t be who we are. We place them first, and this means by using our business you are helping them. Our local team matters to us.

Safety is not a word we throw around lightly, it is our number one priority, both for staff, customers and our people. Choose a business that puts safety first.

Commercial Furniture &
Workstation Delivery Services

Office Delivery

We place and ensure entire offices are safe.


Our coolroom storage is equipped with heavy surveillance


On-Site Labour. Our specialised team not only delivers, but also assembles.

“A potential testimonial from Installex here, speaking about how our services have helped them.”


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