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Moving an entire office or warehouse?

Like moving homes wasn’t a big enough task…
Well luckily we have extensive experience in moving entire offices and warehouses. There is a certain process involved in making sure all furniture and belongings are moved safely and accurately. 

As Melbournes best office movers, we pride ourselves in being Victorias best. We like to say – it’s the same job just with bigger volume.

We know how to move your business efficiently and stress free. We’ll put you at ease from the beginning of the relocation, starting from the first time you contact us.

Our commercial manager can provide an obligation free inspection. They’ll project manage the move with you to guide you through the process. Our team can work after hours and on weekends to ensure downtime for your business is limited.

  • We can deliver crates, boxes and all the materials required for you to get packed and organised yourself.

  • Our specialised commercial can dismantle, transport, and reassemble your desks, workstations and other furniture.

25+ Years Experience

Office Relocations completed for over 25 years. We have serviced the most challenging removals.

Same job, more volume.

Office & warehouse relocations are pretty straight-forward. it's the same job, just a higher volume.

A Specialised Crew

Our warehouse relocation require specialised training. While it's the same job, the sheer amount of items can be overwhelming. Our office relocates are specifically trained for high volume removals.

Quick & Efficient

Warehouse Relocations take time, however we promise great speed with our move while not compromising the quality of our service. Our speed is achieve through having very highly trained removalists.

What are the steps involved?

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After so many years, we know not to take shortcuts. Getting your belongings in one piece is the #1 priority..

Fill Out Your Inventory

You know your stuff better than anyone. Fill out the inventory right here and have it ready.

Organise Your Date

After so many years, we know not to take shortcuts. Getting your belongings in one piece is the #1 priority.

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Why Peter Sadler For An Office or Warehouse Relocation?

[Peter Sadler Truck – 2019.]

[Office Relocation — 2019.]

Melbourne Office Relocation

Melbourne Warehouse Relocation

Let’s start with it straight off the bat – we own both an office & warehouse, so we know how important office equipment is, let alone warehouse stock – it’s the foundations of a business.

Melbourne Office Relocation requires skill and patience. We have learnt along the way the right approach to moving offices – particularly having a strategy and good idea of the location. Depending on the size of the office – there may be more people involved, which means more belongings and more opinions – it is our beta advice to have a clear plan with your team before placing down furniture so there’s no confusion.

Warehouse Relocation Melbourne is also a different ballgame to regular home moves. They require more equipment and some products require specialised knowledge in their handling. If you are looking at a warehouse relocation – have a good chat with your team beforehand of what items may require special logistical needs, we need to prepare for this beforehand.

We Are More Than Removalists - Community Matters

When it comes to our business, we have a huge focus on people. We truly understand that without them we wouldn’t be the business we are today.

Whether it’s home removals, local melbourne removals or interstate, you are getting a well-trained team with their own unique personalities.

Over the years we have seen our people grow and develop. 

Feel free to see our recruitment process here.

We used Peter Sadler on Saturday to combine our two businesses from different addresses to a new warehouse. We had 2 teams help us with the move both of them were amazing! Incredibly professional, helpful and detail orientated. The first team had Boombi and Julian helped us move our home business Hello Botanical. They were fantastic to deal with. Our second team had Blake and Spencer, they helped me move my catering business out of my previous address to our new factory.

Adrian Griffith

Moved Warehouse in Melbourne Metro area.



We specialise in lifting things no one else wants to! If you don’t believe us – check out what our customers think.

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