Cold Storage servicing Microbreweries Across Australia.

We do transport and storage differently

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"The craft beer industry has exploded in Australia
and here at Peter Sadler Transport we have grown
with it"

Leigh Shirreff,
Warehouse Manager at
Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics

Our services


Have your stock all near home and 10 minutes from Melbournes CBD.


Have everything in the supply chain in one place. Storage to transport.


Creating custom workarounds for your stock.


Our coolroom storage is equipped with heavy surveillance


Always chilled temperature. Cold, ambient storage.

Chilled 24-7 days a week

Our coolroom services some of the most familiar breweries across Melbourne. The need for cold, ambient storage is understood.

We created the coolroom back in 2018 after deciding we need some cold, ambient storage. All beers, drinks and beverages have full security measures in place, and a roller door that makes sure the cold can’t escape.

See it for yourself

Scroll through and view our chilled storage

“Over the past 18 months we have seen growth of 300+% in cases and 400% in keg deliveries. Peter Sadler’s flexibility and ability to seamlessly scale without any issues has meant we can focus on our core business – making and selling beer. Peter Sadler provides us with the confidence that our beer will always get to our customers on time and in good order.

Through our quarterly reviews, Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics have been very helpful in bringing ideas for improvement to our business, helping us to streamline operations, drive cost efficiencies through our supply chain, and deliver exceptional service to our customers. It is great to see the mutual benefit which arises through this collaborative approach.”

Josh Uljans, Managing Director
Moon Dog Brewing Ltd.

Getting the right details

We can imagine you’re looking for some storage solutions, as you know it can be overwhelming. For those who are detailed and have all the information, feel free to fill out the form and we’ll come back with a detailed answer. 

• Do your best in getting as much details as possible.

• Your form remains confidential to the business.

• We will do our best to come back within 48 hours.

• Don’t stress if you cant provide all the details.


We are currently hiring and have limited positions available.