Peter Sadler birthday party seems to be over for now.

the Pope on the phone negotiating with Peter the dates for his next birthady bash The Pope was busy today on the phone trying to convince Peter Sadler to have another “small” reunion as soon as possible. “After all”, he said, “..the war was stopped for over a month to pay respect to the great […]

Funny side of driving a truck in Melbourne

Typical day of a truck driver in Melbourne Just need to see the funny side of things G’day, truckie mates! It’s your friendly Melbourne-based driver here, ready to share my hilarious day diary with y’all. Get ready to laugh your socks off as I recount the ups and downs of a typical day on the […]

How expensive coffee is in Melbourne

Melbourne coffee prices just getting unrealistic, every day more and more It’s no secret that Australians are obsessed with coffee. From Melbourne to Sydney, you’d be hard-pressed to find a street corner without a café or a barista making lattes, flat whites, or long blacks. And while this coffee culture has its benefits – fostering […]


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