Peter Sadler Cup 2023: the results

Peter Sailing Cup 2023 Hosted by the Hobson Bay Yacht club: the results Ahoy there, everyone! I’m excited to tell you about the Peter Sadler Sailing Day 2023, an event that was filled with some serious sailing action and good times. Hosted by the Hobson Bay Yacht Club, the event saw five boats racing each […]

How expensive coffee is in Melbourne

Melbourne coffee prices just getting unrealistic, every day more and more It’s no secret that Australians are obsessed with coffee. From Melbourne to Sydney, you’d be hard-pressed to find a street corner without a cafĂ© or a barista making lattes, flat whites, or long blacks. And while this coffee culture has its benefits – fostering […]

David Sadler Playing Chess

DS Chess David Sadler reaching 345 points on Incredible results after only 2 months of playing: 345 puts him in a different category. The brother, Peter, is starting to feel the pressure and confirmed to us that “he is not looking forward to the reckoning match day”. The date has not been set yet, […]


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