We've gone paperless

We have gone paperless thanks to our
new management software; CartonCloud.
CartonCloud is an easy-to-use 3PL
(TMS) transport management system
and (WMS) warehouse management system
that enables logistics companies to
“Do More With Less”.

So, whats paperless mean for you?

Going paperless has many benefits. 
Watch the video to understand some of the positives of transitioning to paperless.


Watch Carton Cloud’s video on the benefits of going paperless.

Features of Carton Cloud


We are now paperless


Creating custom workflows for your stock.


Track your orders


Cloud Storage. Safe, secure and easy to access.


Get real-time updates on stock.


Have access for all deliveries.

Warehouse Management software

Features of Carton Cloud

CartonCloud allows us to have an easy digital footprint with our customers. You will be able to see all invoices, warehouse details, stock levels and data through the app. You can get easy proof-of-deliveries simply sent through to you without a problem.

CartonCloud allows customers to have a direct digital relationship with their stock.

We've been in logistics and transport
for over 20 years.

One thing that has kept us growing at the rate we do is the constant push for change. We pride ourselves in offering innovative solutions, going paperless is a perfect example.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our paperless system, you can send through a question through our contact form.

Frequently asked questions about
going Paperless

Besides the obvious environmental benefits of reducing paper waste, it’s an incredibly organised system to keep all details in the one place. Rather than following paper-trails, you’ll be able to access all proof-of-deliveries and history of deliveries through the portal.

To get started, please head to our Carton Cloud Set-Up page and follow the steps.

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