Peter Sadler Removals & Logistics

Our business is about more than just moving things

We’re a promise. A set of guarantees that you can depend on. The trust you place in us, near strangers, is never taken for granted.

Our story

Family owned and operated since 1997, and still going strong.

The beginning of our story is pretty stock standard – father and son with two trucks. It’s what came next that stands out. We grew the business to over 90 vehicles, 100+ personnel and an industry-renowned “can-do” attitude. With thorough planning, expert execution and an entire fleet of trucks at our disposal, we can deliver the biggest, trickiest jobs on time and on budget. Our team specialises in the tough stuff. This includes tailgates, semitrailers, and other specialised equipment. We’ve earned a reputation for acing the jobs no one else wants to do.

Peter Sadler Removals and Logistics was launched in 1997 with one objective; to bring back respect and integrity to the removalist business. Years on, and with operations spanning across three states and one territory, we must be doing something right.

Together with our staff, we form one big dysfunctional family that work our butts off and balance it out with some good old-fashioned fun. We don’t just give our staff their uniform when they join us – they have to earn it. Which means 99% of our employees are trained in-house where they learn the delicate art of removals. The result? Employees who respect the huge amount of trust placed in them, who will go above and beyond to deliver a smooth move.

Our Values

Service with a wacky smile

While we know moving, relocating and even commercial logistics and transportation are serious things, our blokes are larrikins who'll give you service with a smile.


We don’t just cover all of Melbourne (eastern, western, southern and northern suburbs) and it’s surrounds, we help people move interstate as well. It doesn’t matter how bloody far it is, if it’s in Australia, we’ll move you there.

Yes, we really do the heavy lifting!

We know that moving heavy things is not everyone's cup of tea, so we've made it ours, and it's what gives us a decent living. So if you ever need a little heavy lifting done, give us a call, we're here to help.

Our staff earn their uniform

Our uniform comes with responsibility (and fun - but mostly responsibility). New team members get their’s once they’ve earned their stripes and proven their worth as a member of the Peter Sadler family.

It's all about the people that make the team

At Peter Sadler, we know that it's our people that make all the difference, so we put a lot of time and effort into training them, supporting them and teaching them to be all-round great blokes.

No job too tough

We’re the lads you call when everyone else says it’s too hard. We’ll find a way to lift it, move it and get it to where you need it - our promise is that if it can be done, we’ll find a way. We haven’t found a challenge we couldn’t meet yet.

Other stuff you might like to know

We’re about more than just moving things, we’re about people, good work ethic and being generally all-round good fellas…

Training and Recruitment

Apply and join our team today. We take being an employer very seriously. That means we put our team at the top of our priority list (yup, that makes them even more important than you, dear customer!) Why? To give you superior service, we need well-trained, professional, customer-service-oriented and hard-working people on our team. Bloody great training and recruitment are essential at Peter Sadler, especially as most of the items we handle are heavy and require a high level of specialised skill. 

All our team members receive an in-depth induction, quarterly re-training, voluntary upskilling and more. What do we look for in our staff? Passion and a sense of purpose! Through our sophisticated training programs and the support we offer right through the business, we believe anyone with determination can be anything they want to be in our company. 


We really get the importance of operational performance (in other words, ensuring all your goods arrive unbroken, safely and on-time, all the time). We strive to continually improve this (in fact, we’re anal about doing things the best we can and even better if possible).

We constantly strive to improve our customer service across all areas of the business, in other words, residential moves, office relocations and interior fit-out, warehousing and logistics. We welcome you to share the job of defining ‘operational excellence’, performance metrics and service levels with us. We want to know what your expectations are, and what it will take to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

It’s your stuff we’re lifting, moving, and potentially storing. We’re your partner in this, all the way.


Our fleet is flexible and adaptable to your changing needs. There’s truly no job too big, too piddly, too complex or too challenging for our company.

Our fleet includes:

  • 1-tonne vans/tray
  • 2-tonne vans
  • 3 tonne express moving vans
  • 4-tonne tautliner
  • 6-8 tonne moving vans and tautliners
  • 10-12 moving vans and tautliners
  • semi-trailers

Each vehicle can be tracked and is compatible with telemetry monitoring.

Home safe, EVERY time

We can’t afford to play around with safety. It’s a core value (and it’s damn important). Our priority is making sure we have consistently safe operations performed by responsible and experienced operators – every day, without exception.

Over the past decade, we’ve made sure safety is the key focus of our people, significantly reducing time lost from injuries and incidents. Our safety culture is underpinned by our Safety and Environment policies and is a large component of our employee induction program.


Whether they’re on the road or in the office, all our employees undergo an intensive training program covering a variety of safety procedures and policies, including:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Site Safety Rules
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Procedures
  • Fatigue and Speed Policy
  • Manual Handling &
  • Restraint Procedures


Each employee is assessed to confirm understand all requirements and expectations of each policy. If needed, extra training is provided. All employees complete refresher courses throughout their employment at Peter Sadler.

We’re serious about the environment and sustainability

We drive trucks and forklifts (but heaps of trucks). The nature of our daily business necessitates that we undertake all possible steps to ensure our collective future. 

At Peter Sadler, we:

  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations (all road transport and vehicles legislation) in all the areas we operate in.
  • Consistently explore the impact we have on the environment and develop strategies to negate this impact.
  • Create best practices for environmental management within all of our business areas.
  • Build a culture of environmental consciousness which permeates through all Peter Sadler stakeholders.
  • Commit to establishing business unit-specific environment management strategies for reducing our rate of emissions, energy and waste through improvement initiatives.
  • Commit to actively consider the commercial viability of utilising lower emissions technology and alternative energy sources.

Get your home and business moving the easy way.

The lads at Peter Sadler are here to make that next move easier, whether it’s residential or commercial, including helping you get your logistics and transportation sorted in the best and easiest way possible.


We are currently hiring and have limited positions available.