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No job too tough
No job too tough
We use our own people
We use our own people

Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Home Safe, Every Time

Peter Sadler understands the critical nature that safety plays in our industry. We consider it our core value. Our priority is ensuring consistently safe operations performed by responsible and experienced operators – every day, and without exception.

We have concentrated our efforts over the past decade in particular on ensuring that safety is the key focus of our people. This has seen a significant improvement in our lost time injuries and incidences. Our safety culture is underpinned by our Safety and Environment policies and is a large component of our employee induction program.


Whether based on the road or in the office, each of our employees undergo an intensive training program covering a variety of safety procedures and policies including:

Upon completion of the above modules, each employee is assessed to confirm they have understood all requirements and expectations. Additional training is provided if required and refresher courses are administered throughout the employee’s tenure at Peter Sadler.

Our contributions to a sustainable future

Peter Sadler is serious about the environment, and a big part of our ethos is based around our contributions to a sustainable world. The nature of our daily business necessitates that we undertake all possible steps to ensure our collective future. At Peter Sadler, we work towards ensuring that as a company, we: