Packing Tips

Get organised. Get packing.

Moving Log

A moving log is a great way to plan your time when preparing for a move. Break down the items you want to pack and create an estimate of how long and what day this will be done. This will give you a goal to work by and ensure you’re not in a frantic rush before the removal truck arrives.


Packing Essentials

When packing you’re going to need tools such as scissors, tape, markers and boxes. Create a container allowing you to carry these around with you and allocate a spot where they’ll be stored when that day’s packing has been completed. This will save you time in the long term and avoid those frustrating moments when you just can’t find that marker or tape.


Labelling Guide

When labelling your boxes try to use a consistent format. For example, you could use the room-item formatting system whereby items found in a specific room are grouped together and the box is labelled accordingly. For example: Kitchen: Cutlery. This will help you in the unpacking process as you can move the boxes into their relevant rooms once you’ve arrived and know that the contents of the boxes relates directly to that room.


Bits and Bobs

We all have items we forget we even had. As a result it’s often these items that get forgotten during a move. To avoid this, make a concious effort to pack all the items which are not  obvious first, this way you’ll never forget those wedding photos etc.



When packing valuable and fragile items be sure to use bubble wrap of some other form of impact absorbing materiel. Foam and old scrunched up newspapers are a great way to get extra use of old newspapers (which can be put in recycling after the move). By packing your valuables with impact absorbing material you can reduce the chance of damage during the move.


Pack Safe

When packing boxes, be sure you’re thinking about your safety and those helping in the move. If you think something is too heavy, it probably is; and thus maybe unsafe for you to carry. So consider how much you pack into a box and it could save you or someone you know from a moving related injury.