The 6-week Countdown

Your moving house checklist

A moving house checklist is critical when you are planning your next move.  You can’t forget anything!  We’ve created this checklist to help you remember all the things you need to safely move house and not forget a thing.


Six weeks to go.

  • Lock in a removalist.

Book a removalist early to secure your choice of move day.


  • Create a list of your items and decided on what’s coming or going.

Be ruthless. If items were gathering dust in your old place, why let them take up space in your new home? For those unwanted items consider a garage sale, e-bay or donating to charity.


  • Consider your insurance needs.

We offer transit insurance as part of any move you make with us. However to ensure the cover meets your requirements it is important to consider the specifics of your situation. If you’re unsure, give us a call.


  • Start making a list of incoming mail.

This becomes a handy reference for changing your address later. Consider printing a change of address card, ready to give to family, friends and colleagues.


  • If you’re going to need storage, confirm the booking now.

Peter Sadler Removals offer short-term storage options and can assist in securing long term storage if necessary. Just give us a call, we’re always happy to help.


  • Time to start packing.

Begin with non-essential items and clothes. Label all boxes clearly


Four weeks to go.

  • Organise packing materials.

Peter Sadler Removals can provide you with boxes, packing materials and equipment delivery to your door at no extra charge.


  • Update your home insurance

Contact your home insurance company and ensure both homes are covered for the necessary periods.


  • Essential services.

Organise final meter readings with your utility companies and confirm connections to your new home.


Two weeks to go.

  • Reduce your food

Avoid the supermarket and focus on using up the food in your pantry, fridge and freezer.


  • Remember the pets.

On moving day, it’s often easier for pets to be cared for by friends – now is a good time to arrange that.

  • Consider you’re travel arrangements on moving day.

For those moving long distances, additional accommodation along the way may be needed.


One week to go.

  • Regular Deliveries

Cancel any regular deliveries and pack all but what you think you’ll need for the final week in terms of clothes, toiletries, linen and kitchen items.

  • Excess Rubbish

If the packing process has left you with a lot more rubbish than usual organise a drop off at your local tip.

  • Mail Redirection

Choose a reasonably long period so that important documents and bills don’t fall through the cracks.


The day before.

  • Essential Pack.

Organise an essentials pack – basic clothing, food, a kettle, cutlery, crockery and glassware. After a long moving day no one wants to search through dozens of boxes just to make a cup of tea.

  • Disconnect

Disconnect your washing machine and any gas bottles.

  • Prepare appliances for removal

Ensure everything is shut down and fully disconnected, particularly any computers and laptops.

  • Fridge work.

Empty your fridge & freezer contents into an esky and clean the fridge thoroughly.
Pack any remaining items into boxes.

  • Parking.

If necessary, secure street parking for the removals truck.


On the day.

  • Secure valuables.

Carry your new and old keys, valuables and any important documents with you so they don’t get lost!

  • Final check.

Once everything is on the truck, do a final check of your old place to ensure that the home is clean, nothing has been left behind and all rubbish has been removed.

  • Relax.

Enjoy the first night in your new home.